Valley View Veterinary has a close knit staff that has worked together for many years. We all share a love for animals and have made caring for them our life's work.

Rene Brewer, DVM, Certified Acupuncturist


A practicing veterinarian in the Fresno area for 20 years, after working the prior 10 years before in private practice in Auburn Ca and Davis Ca. 


Like many health professionals in general practice, Dr. Brewer was finding more limitations with conventional medicine. There always seemed to be patients that she wished she could do more for- especially for chronic illness and pain control.  At the same time, on a personal level, she developed debilitating migraines.  In her own case, all the testing and pills offered little to no relief- so she finally tried acupuncture.  And wonder of wonders, they gradually diminished and she had to know more.


Therefore she reinvested in her medical education in order to learn a more holistic wellness-way of healing. She started with the International Veterinary Acupuncture course which combines the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the scientific background of how acupuncture affects our bodies.  Dr. Brewer became certified in Veterinary Acupuncture in 2000.  She has enjoyed exploring and studying Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and continued her training with the Chi Institute in Florida. 


Dr. Brewer has completed courses in Chinese Herbal Medicine, classical points and advanced acupuncture, Chinese Food Therapy and Tui-na (Medical Massage) she is a member of IVAS and also the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. 


The AHVMA has introduced me to many other modalities, from Aromatherapy to Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy to Cold Laser Therapy.









Bon Bon

Bon Bon


Jen, Senior RVT, Dental Technician 



Jen completed the veterinary technician program at San Joaquin Valley College in 1993 then went on to quickly pass her California state boards to become a registered veterinary technician. She has worked in the veterinary field since that time at multi doctor practices. Jen met Dr. Brewer 15+ years ago and they have formed a succinct working relationship with a shared focus on exemplary patient care.

Jen resides in the Easton area with her four-legged family which consists of a hairless Sphynx cat named Mau (the apple of her eye), Russell (the good child), Reedus (the demon child) and a Chinese Water Dragon named Dita. She loves her work and strives to treat her patients with the same caring and expertise that she would want for her own pets.

Jen's other loves include spending time with her family and friends, movies and memorabilia, shopping, the Walking Dead, sweet tea and Starbucks!





Russell and Reedus


Stefania, Technician


Stefania started her career in the veterinary field in 2005, the same year she started working with Dr Brewer.  Before that she did volunteer work at a local rescue group for a couple of years.  That is where she realized that caring for dogs is what she was meant to do.  Care, compassion and comfort is what she does best. She tries to treat the pets that she works with the way she would want her own pets (kids) treated. Currently those kids are five dogs, Tahlula May, Poppy, Penelope, Maddie, Maya and a cat named Ruby.







Mechelle, Receptionist

Mechelle was born and raised ina small town in upstate New York but was destined to move to California where her husband grew up. After being in Fresno for a short time she had the need to take her mother in laws dog to a veterinarian. Dr Brewer was the doctor on staff that night. The care and compassion that Dr Brewer exhibited convinced Mechelle that veterinary medicine was where she needed to place her ambitions. That was in 2000. Mechelle has two beautiful boys named Alexander and Andrew and a wonderful husband, Timothy. Her home is filled with an assortment of critters. Her canine family consists of Malla, Stryder, Ahsoska and Celeborn. She is also surrounded by her two bunnies, box turtles, fish and Gimli the hamster. Due to some health issues Mechelle was not able to continue in the veterinary field in the way she had originally wanted to. But with her warm disposition and connection with clients she has found her new home as our front reception coordinator.



Simitria, Technician

Simitria was born and raised in Madera, CA. She graduated from Madera High School in 1998. She has always had a great love for all animals and knew working with them would be in her future. Immediately after graduating high school, she started the Veterinary Technician Program at San Joaquin Valley College and graduated in 2000. Simi has worked as a veterinary technician since graduating and has worked with Dr. Brewer since 2010. She and her boyfriend, Shane, share a beautiful three year old daughter named Ava and two dogs named Felipe (a pitbull) and Panda (a border collie mix). 



Jamie, RVT

Sydney, Veterinary Technician


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